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Welcome back to the Gary Bradt blog! In our last post, we highlighted an except from one of Gary’s keynotes about finding opportunity in change. Change is an inevitable part of life that is, in most cases, completely out of our control. Because change is going to happen whether we like it or not, we must find a way to adapt to the change and through this adaptation, we may find further opportunities for success that we would have never have otherwise realized. Learn about how Best Buy became the powerful company that it is today and how to harness change by reading our last blog post or keep reading to learn how change can inspire growth.

When Growth Isn’t A Choice

As human beings, we don’t have a choice in whether or not we grow up to become adults or in whether or not we grow older. This is a natural process and one of the laws of the universe that we have very little effect on. However, growing in all other ways is a choice. We can choose to learn from the things that life throws at us, or we can allow circumstances to rule our lives. In nature, there isn’t a moment when a plant or animal must decide if it will  grow. If, for instance, a plant encounters an obstacle, it doesn’t debate for a day or two about how it is going change. It simple puts all of its energy into growing past and overcoming the obstacle. For this reason, it isn’t a rare thing to see plants growing through concrete.

A Personal Message of Change

Gary is a change leadership speaker whose message is deeply personal. In the above excerpt, Gary talks about how change affected his family. Gary’s son was born with his own set of obstacles. With severe heart issues, his son almost didn’t make it through his first few days after birth and had to endure surgery after surgery. But like those little plants growing through concrete, Gary’s son didn’t give up, and he grew up into a strong young man despite his challenges. Today, being a twenty-something hockey player, Gary’s son is an example of how, when the going gets tough, you must push through.

What is the Change in Your Life?

What is the concrete in your life, career, or company? How are you responding? Have you been stuck trying to decide what to do? Have you been wallowing in the unfairness of your circumstances or have you decided to adapt and to grow? When you choose to grow, it often isn’t just about gritting your teeth and getting through; it is about finding a way. As the saying goes, it’s about working smarter and not harder. We must decide to weather change smarter by adapting.

Want to Learn More About How To Harness Change to Your Advantage?

Gary Bradt is a change leadership speaker who has challenged some of the world’s most influential movers and shakers, such as NASA, FedEx, Visa, P&G, Merrill Lynch, IBM, and more. Gary’s message of change is one that is rooted in his own personal experiences as a father, business owner, and entrepreneur, and supported by his credentials as a clinical psychologist. Book Gary Bradt for your next leadership summit and see how your leaders grow and initiate positive change.

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