Finding Opportunity in Change


Welcome back to the Gary Bradt blog! Gary is a change leadership speaker who has spoken all over the world, inspiring some of the world’s most influential movers and shakers to harness the opportunities hidden within the inevitable change in their lives, their careers, and the world. Change, if seen as a chance for growth, can catapult you and your company past the competition. In nature, those who do not adapt will die. In the same way, if you refuse to alter yourself and your actions, you can metaphorically or even literally die. Today, we are going to continue to think about those opportunities that change can bring.


What is Change?

Change can come in a variety of forms. Change can occur due to growth, such as when a child becomes an adolescent and then becomes a man or women; this type of change is due to the natural patterns of the world and the laws of the universe. These changes are interwoven into the very fabric of our universe. These natural cycles or progressions aren’t just found in nature, but are also seen in the world of business, economics, and society.

Another type of change is that which is catastrophic.Change can be also catastrophic and unexpected. In the above video, Gary talks about a company that suffered damage from a recent tornado. They could have given in to the negativity and bitterness of wondering why the tornado had to hit their store. However, they didn’t. They had never had a tornado before and so decided, let’s have a tornado sale! They couldn’t sell their items at full price and they couldn’t allow customers to enter their building, so they held a warehouse-style sale. They didn’t just hold a sale, throw up their hands, and hope for the best. They took full advantage of the situation, created shirts, and went all-out to create an experience for their customers. They had the most successful sale in the history of the business.

Taking Change One Step Farther

The owner of the business didn’t just enjoy the profits of the sale and go back to doing business as usual. He thought about what made their sale different and successful and decided to completely change how they do business. As a result, Best Buy grew to be over 1600 stores strong. Richard M. Schulze the founder of Best Buy not only adapted to find success despite the tornado, a one time event, but the event led him to completely change how his stores did business.

Change is inevitable. However, how we respond can change everything. To learn more about how to find the hidden gems of opportunity within change and use them to inspire growth, read our blog or check out excerpts from Gary’s keynotes. Gary Bradt is a change leadership speaker who can teach you and your leadership how to successfully respond to change. Contact Gary Bradt’s team to learn more about booking a speaking engagement.

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