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Hello and welcome back to the Gary Bradt blog! Gary Bradt is a business motivational speaker who has delivered keynotes to some of the biggest influencers of our modern world like Ebay, CapitalOne, NASA, HSBC, and others. Gary is a father, psychologist, business owner, and entrepreneur who has personally and professionally experienced how change can bring about valuable opportunities. These opportunities fully realized can bring you, your business, and family success that you may not have experienced any other way. Adapting to whatever life throws at you is key to staying ahead and not falling behind. Change is inevitable. How you respond to it is a choice.

In this except of one of Gary’s keynotes, he talks about how staying true to your values can bring about positive change. When REI declared that they weren’t going to be open on Black Friday, everyone — even REI — wondered if they were crazy. They wondered if they would lose money and take a hit that would affect their bottomline all year. If you think about the sales that most stores make on Black Friday, it being one of the biggest retail holidays of the year, making such a change would be anxiety inducing. However, REI decided to stick to their value of encouraging people to get outside and the result was overwhelmingly positive.

Change Shouldn’t Just Happen to You

Lately, on our blog we have been talking about change that happens to you. However, this isn’t always the change that should occur. Sometimes, you have to make change. You making a change can be motivated by discomfort, a newly realized opportunity, or wanting to abide closer to your values. Before, you make a change you must know what your values are.

Access Your Values

If you have a motto, slogan, or other verbiage that drives your company, it’s time to “dig it out and wipe off the dust” and take a good look at it again. As you think about your values, remember why you chose those values. Was it the inspiration that drove you to create your business? Was it how your business came to be? Why did you choose these values?

Redefine What Those Values Mean

Next, it’s time to reassess those values. How do they apply to your business now? Are they still applicable? Do they need to be changed, redefined, or just realized once again? As you look at your values think about what’s important to you and your target market.

Apply Them to Your Business Model

As you think about your values and what they mean to your company and your market it’s time to think how you can apply them. Do you simply need to bring them back into the spotlight or do you need to make a significant change to your business model like REI did?

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