The Importance of Letting Go

Welcome back to the Gary Bradt blog! Lately, we have been highlighting some experts from Gary’s keynotes. We have been talking about Finding Opportunity in Change and how to Let Change Inspire Growth. Be sure to catch up on our past blog posts, watch the videos, and come right back here to learn more about Gary and his message of change.

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Today on the Gary Bradt blog, we are going to be talking about letting go. Most of us are walking around metaphorically — and sometimes literally — carrying pieces of the past or thinking about the future, worrying what it might bring. If you’ve ever worked out, moved, or simply had to endure manual labor, you know that carrying anything, even your own body weight can be tiring. Carrying more than the present is exhausting and makes you less effective in all that you are trying to accomplish right now.

Are you carrying around your own proverbial chair? Let’s dive in a little deeper!

The Burden of the Past

In the video, the first chair that Gary picks up is the chair of the past and that chair represents the things that we are still angry and resentful about, and those things that we wish we could forget. Gary names it the “if only” chair: “If only this hadn’t happened, I would be more successful, happier, etc.” We “pick up the chair” every time we think about the past and those things that have hurt or disappointed us and we wear ourselves out.   

The Weight of the Future

There’s also the “what if chair.” We pick up the chair every time we remunerate on the future, wondering if the worst is going to happen: “what if there’s a recession, our company fails, or it rains, etc.?” Every time we pick up this chair, we worry about the future and tire ourselves out with worst case scenarios. When we think about what could happen in this way, we are simply worrying and not being productive

The Double Whammy

Some of us like to pick up both chairs. While we are angry about the past, we are worried about the future and wondering if all the negative situations in the past will happen again. How exhausting! As we are carrying these chairs around, someone could bring us the “Ring of Opportunity” and would we be able to grab the ring or take advantage of the opportunity? Not unless we drop our “chairs.”

What is holding you back from snagging that “golden ring” of opportunity? Is it the past? Is it the future? Is it both? Holding onto either is exhausting, unproductive, and could be keeping you from unlocking the power and opportunity hidden in change.

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