Every change creates opportunities. But you have to work to find them.

gary bradt

Change is hard because it’s hard, not because you’re not doing it right. My job is to make is easier by providing practical tools to help you adapt faster and better.

I am a psychologist, so my message is based on science. I am a business owner, so my message is shaped by experience. I am the father of a child with serious genetic defects, so my message is delivered with heart.

Leading change is both science and art. My aim is to inspire you to new heights in both.

You don’t always get to choose change. But you always get to choose your response.

gary bradt

I’ve learned what works when leading change. And what doesn’t.

What works is engaging the head and grabbing the heart, because both drive behavior and results.

What works is learning to manage yourself so you can better lead others.

What works is not just telling people to change. It’s giving them the tools and showing them how. 

Grow where you’re planted. Find a way. No excuses.

I’ll show you how.  

gary bradt

"We had many, many comments from our attendees that you were one of the best Keynotes we have had EVER!

"I knew it was a real success when there weren’t any books left behind, (never seen that before) and we had to refresh the notepads at break, because at least half the people had taken their entire notepad with them when they left for break.

"I hope we can work together at another event in the future."

- Judy Hammond, President, Resource Management Services, Inc.

More about Gary:

Gary Bradt is a business motivational speaker who is dedicated to helping executives and individuals adapt through the inevitable change that comes with life, because if you don’t adapt, you will be left behind. Gary has personally experienced the challenges that change brings through the various roles that he plays in both his professional and personal life. Relevant facts:

  • Licensed clinical psychologist in North Carolina

  • Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant for 30+ years

  • Business owner and entrepreneur

  • Over 300 keynotes on change and leadership worldwide

  • Author of three books on change and contributor to Forbes.com

For speaking inquiries and booking information, contact the Gary Bradt team.

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