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Gary Bradt increases the capacity of people and organizations to rise to the challenge of change by delivering highly customized presentations that address the unique objectives of each event.

Bradt, a clinical psychologist and C-Suite executive coach, knows how to engage the heads and the hearts of his audiences for maximum effectiveness using masterful storytelling, humor, simple exercises, and solid content. "Navigating change successfully means being willing to change yourself first," he explains. Bradt shows how learning to adapt leads to new levels of performance and personal and professional success.


"Going through change is not a market differentiator. Adapting to it faster and better that your competitors can be."


Every audience is different. The challenges they face are different. What event planners appreciate most about Gary Bradt is his preparation. By the time he gets in front of an audience, he has a deep understanding of the group and the issues they’re dealing with. He’s spent hours creating a message to meet the objectives of the event.

Bradt adapts some of his most popular stories and combines them with compelling insights that inspire people to confidently move into the future with practical and usable tools.

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Bringing together a group of people for an event is a great opportunity. Gary partners with you to deliver a message that will make the most of your time together and will help galvanize a new spirit of possibility whenever change is involved.

Contact the Gary Bradt team for booking information and speaking inquires.

"I attribute much of your success at our conference to our numerous conversations prior to the conference and your ability to customize your presentation to our members’ needs. Additionally, you were well received by all because of your willingness to interact with our members before your presentation.

"I wholeheartedly recommend you to any future group looking for an 'all-in', energetic, and interactive keynote presentation from a friendly and polished speaker."

- Joel G. Carson, Executive Director, Geoprofessional Business Association

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